Reduced headcount in Google’s offices due to COVID-19, tech giant puts Chrome OS release on hold

With the coronavirus gaining ground in the United States,has decided to err on the side of caution.announced today that it is putting on hold the upcoming Chrome and Chrome OS releases “due to adjusted work schedules.”

Google, however, confirmed that security updates will make its way to users’ devices, but these are likely to be merged into version 80 – the stable release version that is running on systems currently.

“We’ll continue to prioritize any updates related to security, which will be included in Chrome 80,” according to a note released as a part of the brief announcement. Updates with entirely new features are not expected in the immediate future.

Google’s Chrome version 81 is the beta testing phase and is not likely to be rolled out across the board just yet. It is unclear as to when Google will resume regular updates to its software products.

The company also said that app reviews on its popular Android operating systems will now take longer than usual as the coronavirus pandemic has reduced the headcount at its offices. The moderation of content onwill also take longer, although Google said that it plans to rely more on its AI algorithms to moderate content.

However, since the system is not foolproof, the algorithm could produce false positive – content that is not violating YouTube’s terms of service, but were inadvertently marked as doing so by the AI program.

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